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The NHL eventually came to its senses and said Scott

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wholesale nba jerseys Aaron Doster ReutersJaromir Jagr’s inclusion in the All Star game was universally popular with the fans, if not so much with Jagr himself.The 43 year old didn’t really want to play in the 3 on 3 format, but he has decided to honor the fans’ choice and give them the opportunity to celebrate his brilliant career.Perhaps the biggest story surrounding the All Star game was John Scott’s selection by fans as the captain.The outcry that followed when the Arizona Coyotes traded him to the Montreal Canadiens who then promptly sent him to the AHL, making him ineligible to play in the game was sizeable. The NHL eventually came to its senses and said Scott could still take part.Scott’s heartfelt story on The Players’ Tribune about his selection entitled ‘A guy like me’ demonstrates a depth of personality and a warmth not usually associated with hockey’s enforcers.”I’m an NHL player and, whatever my set of skills may be, that I’m an NHL player is no accident. I genuinely believe that when I’m on the ice, or even just the bench, I make my teammates feel safe to do what they do best,” he added.With 11 career points, Scott might find 3 on 3 hockey a little challenging, but the event is better for his inclusion.All Star Game 2016 rostersForwards Patrice Bergeron, Boston; c Jaromir Jagr, Florida; Leo Komarov, Toronto; Dylan Larkin, Detroit; Ryan O’Reilly, Buffalo; Steven Stamkos, Tampa Bay.. wholesale nba jerseys

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