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Recovery expected to take until the New Year and

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wholesale nba jerseys from china Maybe if the state were more interested in bringing back these high paying, stable, high TAX PAYING (HINT HINT HINT) jobs than say, widening the not so used 441 highway outside of Milledgeville (amazing), maybe we could DRAW the next great idea. It’s safe to say we won’t be building Fords or GM cars anymore, sooooooooooo, why not find a way to draw the jobs in that ARE possible? You can outsource quite a bit to India and China on the develpment side but, as we all know, people aren’t entirely trustful of Indian Call Centers or China Programmers? Least of all with your new code full of ideas? We can still compete at this level but, you have to have State and Local Governments who support it. However, they have to understand it first before you can get them to get on board. wholesale nba jerseys from china

The long term care legislation is part of a series of bills aiming to help citizens “age in place.” One bill, which has already passed the Senate health committee, calls for a pilot program that allows individual patients to choose from specific services that fit their needs and also allows them to choose who performs the tasks. Consumers would receive a monthly budget based on their needs, and could use the money to hire personal assistants, make home modifications, and more. Legislators stressed the importance of the legislation, saying that Tennessee should give its seniors more options with regards to home and community based care, noting that whereas some citizens need the 24 hour attention a nursing home can give them, others simply need an assistant to come to their home a few times a week to give them a bath, assist with medication, or perform other household tasks..

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